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We pride ourselves on being an energetic, innovative and modern company. The people that are vanTo are all very unique characters... as it should be.

IT Support and Sales
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Adelia van Tonder (Head of Administration)

vanTo Technologies is the realization of a dream and high aspirations. That is probably what the director would tell you if he had to provide a description of the groundwork that paved the way to establish vanTo Technologies. Personally I appreciate the corporate work environment without the corporate feel; things are done differently and dynamically. All personnel are part of the vanTo family and no deal, transaction or negotiation is completed without the input of all of the relevant role-players. In addition, staff appointments are dealt with in the same way. There is a definite democracy behind the management and operational practices that have been put in place.

Although we may not yet have the same presence that you would associate with Google or Microsoft, as the MD says: "We will take over the world, one client at a time!"

- Adelia heads a very persistent and organized team...
IT Support & Sales
Tony de Freitas (Head of IT Support and Sales) | Shareholder

I have been with vanTo since practically the beginning and can honestly say that no two days are the same, everyday brings new challenges. I can proudly say that never in my career have I worked with a more dedicated and hard-working team. My team of “techies” and myself look forward to providing our existing as well as new clients with friendly and efficient top-class service.

- Tony heads a dedicated team of IT Specialists
Software Development & Hosting
Louis van Tonder (Head of Software Development and Hosting) | Managing Member

Aiming not only to please, we are known to blow your expectations out of the water. Developing software should be a passion and while we make sure we are following industry standards, we add a nice dose of innovation whenever there is a possibility to do so. That is what custom software is about. Breaking new ground. My team is dedicated to developing world class software that works. We look forward to working on your unique project and challenges.

- Louis heads a talented team of full time Software Developers
Senior Management
Louis van Tonder (Managing Director) | Shareholder

I started vanTo Technologies from big aspirations, defying odds and a whole lot of drive. Although I am a realist, I am not one that believes in failure. If you want to succeed, do it. There are no excuses. Success is not measured by what you are worth, it's determined by what you aspire to be. As industry leaders, I truly believe that we can add value to your enterprise. I never envisioned to build an "IT Business", I knew I had to start construction on building a complete Solutions Developer and Business Partner.

Being a Software Engineer with more than ten years industry experience, I identified the need for a company to provide a true turnkey solution. I envisioned providing from basic supply and maintenance, to complex world class software solutions. We have since delivered products ranging from basic hardware or software to complex network and software solutions from Capetown to Gauteng. Our custom solutions have been provided as far as the United States of America, France and China. I prefer forming partnerships with my clients to ensure the optimum performance of their IT infrastructure. It just makes sense having one partner that provides all IT relevant products and services. As a rule of thumb we also facilitate any service delivery to the client from a 3rd party, pertaining to our field of expertise.

I take great pride in all my clients and staff. I realise that clients are precisely that, clients. Clients need to be serviced and provided for in a professional, effective and timeous manner. I am personally envolved in all aspects of vanTo Technologies and look forward to my shareholders forming part of the Board of Directors. We are all very passionate people. We love what we do, and we enjoy doing IT.

I look forward to being your preferred IT Solutions partner.
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