van Tonder, L.J.A.
Managing Director

Currently L.J.A. van Tonder is the sole Director of vanTo Technologies with a shareholder stake of 80%. We look forward to the time that our other shareholders will join him in their positions as Directors of their individual divisions.
Financial Overview from the Managing Director
vanTo Technologies has grown tremendously over the last years and I cannot stress the fact enough that this would not have been possible without our first class staff complement. The current view, as always, is to grow vanTo into a bigger, even more sustainable enterprise to ensure a prosperous future for all our staff and to continue providing a solid support and service base for our clients.

Current averages on Revenue Streams
Our current Gross Revenue can be divided into two healthy income streams.
IT Support, Solutions and Sales Custom Development & Hosting
it support software graph
Global Overview

The Global overview shows a clear and healthy relationship between our two main revenue streams. All Graphs depicted are based on Gross Turnover figures.
global graph