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We have a dedicated website specifically for Brainwave Custom Software. You can access the site by following this link .

Services We Provide

Brainwave: Bespoke Software

  • We will sit down with you and discuss your requirements through a casual conversation to throw around some ideas. We can do this face to face, but we are also very comfortable working remotely.
  • We will provide you with an estimated project cost based on our initial talks.
  • Once everyone is happy with what is on the table, we will formalise the deal and schedule the project.
  • Your new, bespoke software is then built from the ground up according to the agreed to specifications. We'll keep you in the loop during the project and request frequent "show and tell" meetings to receive your client feedback throughout the life-cycle of the project's development.
  • On project completion, we will assist you with training on your new software and can provide additional customization and support in the future.
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That old paper system is effective, isn't it? Although you might think it is, it is not as effective as software. All software packages today most likely started from a paper system that was digitally realised as a piece of software. Think accounting, budgets, spreadsheets, contracts etc.

The biggest hurdle is finding the software that complements your own requirements. Using software that you have to adapt to, may actually decrease efficiency and usability. So the game is on trying to find that special piece of software that makes life easier.

There's really no need. We can start from the ground up and build EXACTLY what you need.

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Some clients express concern as to "what is actually possible?". Whether we are digitizing and enhancing your current process flow, or realising your brain child, it will be a custom solution. This means that pretty much anything is possible. If you can dream it, we can probably realise it.

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We start from scratch by looking at your current processes or ideas, whether it be on paper, already digitally managed by other software or a hybrid of the two. By inspecting your current processes we can consult and contribute to offer you a custom designed software package that fits your needs perfectly. Detailed process mapping is provided in a "Specification Document" which you can review and change accordingly.

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Staying up to date with current technologies and techniques, we make use of the following tools:

  • Microsoft .NET: C# and VB.NET (Legacy Apps)
  • Windows Desktop Apps: Forms and WPF
  • Mobile Apps (Cross Platform): Xamarin, MAUI, Cordova
  • Distributed Apps and API's: Javascript, REST and TCP Communication
  • Web Apps: ASP.NET 4.5+, ASP.NET Core+, and .NET 7
  • Database Design, Hosting, and Implementation: MSSQL, MySQL, and SQLite

Our developers are recruited because they have the relevant certifications, accompanying skills, and motivation. They are continually trained on the latest technologies to ensure that we deliver top-class and relevant services. Although we keep to industry standards and norms, we like to be innovative and creative, even pushing the boundaries of conventional approaches. Our developers are allowed to be unique in their approach to problem-solving, and we encourage them to think creatively.

All our code bases are source and version controlled.

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Website Development

Let's Help You Build Your Perfect Website

Getting to grips with your online presence can be a daunting task. You take care of your business, we'll handle the techie stuff. All projects are 100% custom built to your specification.

Read on, it gets even better...

Our Approach is a little different

Some need a basic website just to tell people who they are. Others need a complete online application with magic thing-a-mabobs to dazzle their online visitors. Whatever your individual needs may be, you need a website.

We approach building your website from a standpoint of: "What do YOU need?". We will not force a specific product, framework or service on to you because it meets our needs. We are custom developers, and this is what will happen:

We'll have a conversation. You will tell us what you need and we will create something to fit those needs 100%.

Our competitors may tell you about "cheap" options making use of content managament frameworks such as wordpress. We don't do "cheap" websites, we just do websites. Getting a professional website developed does not have to be expensive, but it definately shouldn't be cheap... You're advertising your business.

Think about that.

Why do we not make use of wordpress or similar "website builders"? Because we don't have to. We have the skill, qualifications and experience to build from scratch. This way we are 100% in control of our projects making anything possible and future changes a breeze.

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