About Us  

vanTo Technologies specializes in developing and finding solutions to your enterprise needs. With 30 (thirty) years combined industry experience, we assure our clients of our utmost professionalism and ability. We are sure you will feel as confident in using us as we are confident in providing our services.

We really pride ourselves on being leaders in our field and enjoy the challenges of transforming our clients by adding core Information Technology value to their enterprise. By doing it "right", the first time, we ensure our clients' satisfaction.

Our enterprise consists of four encompassing divisions.

Administration Division
Taking care of all the admin duties is no small charge. Admin is responsible for making sure our clients get scheduled, invoiced and kept in touch with. We generate in excess of 200 invoices per month. Everything has to be managed and delivered/dispatched in a timely fashion, our clients will settle for no less.

Technical Division
Probably the most unappreciated job there is... being a "techie". Our technicians look after all our clients' technical related issues. From complex installations to solving facebook "user" errors :-) We really appreciate our technical department. Although seen by most as the "roughnecks" of the industry, one simply cannot build a successful enterprise without having them around to fix you up. (More Info)

Software Development and Hosting Division
Here things get "made". Unlike retailing another company's products to turn a profit, we are proud to announce that our web projects and software solutions are 100% custom-built from scratch. From your original concept, we will contribute and consult with ideas and suggestions and then custom develop all the aspects of your solution. This means we give you what you need and identified, not what you have to take because there are no alternatives. These guys also take care of your website and email hosting and manage your ADSL and Wi-Fi services. (More Info)

Senior Management
Here we go... Walk around and check up on staff? Not likely. All our divisions have divisional heads (Managers) that make sure things run smoothly. Senior Management makes sure the company is headed in the right direction, constantly identifying new partnerships and revenue streams. When the need arises, management joins up with any of the divisions to make sure deadlines are met and clients are serviced.

All our clients are regarded as stakeholders. Our employees are also regarded as stakeholders. We value every single employee and know that without them, we would be in a different situation. We are particularly proud of the fact that all our shareholders are employees of vanTo Technologies.